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Ready to train hard and earn your stripes in the ring? We’ll get you fighting fit and ready for the greatest Fight Night of your life!

White collar boxing has taken cities all over the world by storm. It’s serious training with camaraderie - with the end goal of getting you into the ring for a real fight, unleashing strength and motivation you never knew you had in you.

City Warriors is London’s biggest white collar boxing organisation. We train, organise fight nights and offer corporate programs. We can hone your skills, and prepare your body and mind for your first City Warrior Fight Night. All of our trainers have boxed competitively – they know what it takes to be fighting fit and will do everything to ensure you are ready for the ring.

Our approach is holistic

We provide fitness and dietary expertise as well as our wealth of boxing knowledge to ensure you are ready come fight night. We ensure no boxer goes into the ring before they are ready.

All this leads to the ultimate goal: Fight Night.
This is your opportunity to show everyone how far you’re willing to go!

City Warrior Fight Nights are also the perfect corporate or team-building event, bringing colleagues and friends together to see City Warriors pitted against equal opponents. Providing a thrilling experience bound to excite and enthral the crowd, City Warrior Fights Nights have an electric atmosphere that won’t be forgotten in a hurry!

Read the below article to get a feel for what you will experience:


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